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Creating a proper Rocinante

Posted By on June 30, 2015

Howdy all,

Most of you will be familiar with the character “upgrade” kits released for each faction. Like many of you, I wasn’t hugely impressed with the end results of combining said kits with the multipart plastic kits. In fact, I felt that the only metal Mule was a far superior sculpt that the plastic re-sculpt.

I always felt Rocinante was a combination of the Mule (cannon) and Nomad (sword) and should look the part.


Starting with the Mule model, I also picked up the Nomads hand + sword (green) and an appropriate left arm for the cannon (not circled, but mixed in with the Mule parts).

I liked the right forearm that came with the Mule, but the weapon is wrong for modding policy so some chopping is in order.

The tools for this job:


My preferred method of removing casting residue is to buff the metal, hence why many of my parts look shiny.


A jewelers saw would also work. You’ll also need a quality super glue.


This is where I started. The red is where the hand needs to be cut off.


This is the piece cut in twain. It was actually a very easy cut. To fit the Nomad hand, some drilling/grinding will need to be done to fit the pieces.

Afterward, glue all the pieces together in your chosen pose.

Rocinante’s buckler may need to be stretched outward and/or the right forearm may need some grinding to get  the pieces to fit.


You can’t see it but the back chain that comes with the upgrade kit is attached on the back. The front chain does not fit with this conversion and after I paint, I will attach necklace chain to the front.


6/13 Qualifier Results

Posted By on June 17, 2015

After 5… long rounds, Liam emerged as the undefeated winner.
Lawson scored the highest total control points.
Jeremy had the highest kill count.

A huge thanks to all of our out of town visitors, especially the folks from Wilmington who brought along extra chess clocks.

Also, a big thank you to Gamer’s Armory for hosting and to Tyler for staying late to let us finish.

Liam Piver Cryx 5 (15.0)(14)(115)
Lawson Bennett Circle Orboros 4 (14.0)(19)(184)
Robert Facione Mercenaries 4 (14.0)(7)(179)
Anthony Facione Skorne 4 (12.0)(16)(186)
Eric Behmyer Protectorate of Menoth 3 (15.0)(3)(186)
Keith Cygnar 3 (14.0)(10)(159)
Geoff Convergence of Cyriss 3 (13.0)(12)(160)
Jason M Cryx 3 (12.0)(15)(133)
Opie Miller Khador 3 (12.0)(12)(102)
Bryan WIll Trollbloods 3 (11.0)(12)(167)
Jeremy Marshburn Cygnar 3 (11.0)(11)(191)
Richard Eccleston Cygnar 2 (13.0)(6)(121)
Kyle Andserson Skorne 2 (12.0)(7)(154)
John Tantro Trollbloods 2 (12.0)(3)(84)
Don Crate Cygnar 2 (12.0)(2)(135)
Brian Jensen Cygnar 2 (9.0)(5)(147)
Marcus Martinez Retribution of Scyrah 2 (8.0)(5)(66)
Adam Forest Khador 1 (16.0)(3)(52)
David Corbin Protectorate of Menoth 1 (11.0)(6)(136)
CHristian Howard Legion of Everblight 1 (7.0)(10)(67)
Spencer Wallace Cygnar 1 (7.0)(5)(63)
Kali MArtinez Skorne 1 (7.0)(3)(49)
Eric Thorsen Circle Orboros 1 (6.0)(7)(94)
Asa Archer Protectorate of Menoth 1 (5.0)(5)(24)
Niel Goodman Retribution of Scyrah 1 (4.0)(5)(32)
Chris Stamopoulos Trollbloods 1 (4.0)(3)(43)

Coin & Country Results

Posted By on March 28, 2015

Top 10 Players

Name Faction Score (CP)(SoS)
Keith Kreisa Cygnar 3 (0)(6.0)
Kyle Anderson Skorne 2 (8)(5.0)
Joe Marion Skorne 2 (5)(6.0)
Anthony Facione Skorne 2 (1)(5.0)
Liam Piver Skorne 2 (1)(4.0)
Rich Eccleston Cygnar 1 (5)(4.0)
John Farnell Legion of Everblight 1 (4)(5.0)
Jason Rodriguez Protectorate of Menoth 1 (3)(4.0)
Jordan Miller Khador 1 (3)(3.0)
Gray Khador 0 (1)(3.0)

Highest CP :

Player Name Faction CP Total
Kyle Anderson Skorne 8

Undefeated after 3 rounds!

Keith Kreisa Cygnar

Best in faction

Cygnar Score
Keith Kreisa 3
Khador Score
Jordan Miller 1
Legion of Everblight Score
John Farnell 1
Protectorate of Menoth Score
Jason Rodriguez 1
Skorne Score
Liam Piver 2
Joe Marion 2
Anthony Facione 2
Kyle Anderson 2


March/April Happenings

Posted By on March 6, 2015

Hey all!

Just a brief to let everyone know what’s immediately coming up:

The Gamer’s Armory will start Path of Devastaton 3/10 and that will go till 4/7. Atomic Empire will start theirs 4/2 and it will end 4/30.

The Path of Devastation League starts with Riven Bonds. This league allows each faction an upgrade-able character (Think Necromunda). For full details about the league, see

MACE West is 3/20-3/22. There will be an NC Qualifier event.

SC Comicon will also have a Qualifer the same weekend.

Atomic Empire will host a 50 pt Steamroller 3/28. This tournament will break tradition with the allowance of Mercenary/Minion lists as secondary lists.

For more details about each store/venue’s specific events, see the forums under Triangle Events/Conventions.

Live Blogging from Mace

Posted By on November 7, 2014

Hey there Cats and Kittens,

We’ll be providing live updates all weekend long from Mace.

To start off, here are the pairings for round 1 at the Mace:

Geoff (Khador) v Will C (Legion),  Winner: Geoff via Assassination

Joe E (Cygnar) v Allen B (Circle), Winner: Allen via Scenario

John T (Trolls) v Keith K (Cygnar), Winner: John, Keith used full time

Calvin (Cryx) v Will B (Khador), Winner: Will via Assassination

Jonathon L (Cryx) v Liam (Retribution), Winner: Jonathon via Scenario

Steve M (Cryx) v Chris B (Protectorate), Winner Steve via Scenario


Round 2:

Joe v Will C, Winner: Joe  via Assassination

Chris B v Liam, Winner:  Liam via Assassination

Keith v Calvin, Winner:  Keith via Assassination

John T v Steve M, Winner: John  via Assassination

Allen v Will B, Winner:  Allen via Assassination

Jonathon v Geoff, Winner: Jonathon via Scenario


Round 3:

Calvin v Chris B, Winner: Calvin via Assassination

Liam v Will C, Winner: Liam via Scenario

Joe v Geoff, Winner: Geoff   via Assassination

Steve v Will B, Winner: Steve via Assassination

Jonathon v John, Winner: Jonathon via Scenario

Allen v Keith, Winner: Allen, Keith forfeited


Round 4:

Chris v Will C, Winner: Will, Chris forfeited

Keith v Will, Winner:

Calvin v Joe, Winner: Calvin via Assassination

John v Geoff, Winner:

Steve v Liam, Winner:

Jonathon v Allen, Winner: Jonathon via Assassination


Here are the final results:

Name Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed)
Jonathan Lawler Cryx 4 (11.0)(15)(127)
Geoff Ess Khador 3 (8.0)(5)(111)
Allen Baltezore Convergence of Cyriss 3 (8.0)(5)(70)
Liam Piver Retribution of Scyrah 3 (7.0)(5)(105)
John Tatro Trollbloods 2 (11.0)(7)(87)
Keith Kreisa Cygnar 2 (8.0)(11)(93)
Steve McCullum Cryx 2 (6.0)(0)(76)
Calvin Lee Cryx 2 (4.0)(3)(13)
Joe Efinger Cygnar 1 (9.0)(6)(68)
Will Burke Khador 1 (9.0)(0)(39)
Will Carroll Legion of Everblight 1 (7.0)(0)(50)
Chris Bartley Protectorate of Menoth 0 (8.0)(0)(57)

Atomic Escalation

Posted By on July 21, 2014

We’ve been raided!!!!

A big thank you goes out to Chris Olsson for providing the additional clocks and terrain as well as my Helpy Helper Eliott Rosenblum, a new Pressganger to the area.


Not Featured: All of the awesome players

This past Saturday, Atomic Empire saw it’s largest attended event to-date. We didn’t quite match Game Theory’s record breaking 26 players, but we came close at 22. A few players even came out of retirement to give it the ole Page 5.


The event was scheduled for 5 rounds, but due to an unexpected win by Mercs during round 3, the event capped at 4 with Will and John Farnell (of the Wilmington Farnells) at 3 wins each.

After an intense final round, John became the next invitee and the Atomic Empire Representative for the Invitational.


We sure did have a lot of painted models.

The totals (for those who keep track) will be added to the forum post.


Jacking In: Amonergy

Posted By on May 3, 2014

At the time Chris posted his Gaggle of Gryphons write-up, the world had not noticed the most bizarre, and hilarious combo in a miniatures game since nerds started making nerdy, miniature jokes. The punchline is one part math and 2 parts meta:

Synergy + Power Attack Push

I’ll wait a minute for those of you who know way too much about this game to get the nerd giggles out.

You get it?

Synergy grants your battlegroup an additional +1 to melee attack and damage rolls for each other battlegroup model that’s punched somebody on the current turn. This chain is traditionally tricky to start because your warcaster usually has the best MAT on the field but you may not want him to go first. That means the first `jack to hit something has to boost or go for low-hanging fruit.

Push, the second most underused power attack in the whole game (because all it does is move somebody 1″) is auto hitting. This means that every focus you spends guarantees that +1 right up until you can only miss on snake eyes.

The Retribution is not the only faction with Synergy, they simply do it the easiest. The Griffon, is by far, the best 4 point jack in the whole game. The best 5 point jack is the Vanguard, but he doesn’t get Synergy, so he’s right out.

Amon Ad-Raza was the first warcaster with Synergy. He’s never been a very popular warcaster because MK 1 was not Jack-Runner friendly, and MK 2 has more warcaster options. Strangely enough he also shares a spell with the non-Epic form of Vyros: Mobility. Synergy, Mobility and his feat make Amon a good jack runner. So what cheap options do we have for replicating Ret’s success?

The Repenter: 4 pts, 6/5 MAT/RAT with a Spray so if we need to take out infantry (or face Saeryn) the option exists. His mace does the same damage as the Griffon.
The Vigilant: 4 pts, MAT 6 with 2 x P+S 11 Shield Fists. Low damage to be sure, but I have a plan.
The Dervish: MAT 6, 2 x P+S 13 Swords. This will be our main damage dealer.

Now, I could just do Amon’s theme list, Wanderers of the Faith, and I even have a list I want to play: 3 x Dervish, 1 Devout, 1 Repenter, 3 x Allegiants, 2 x Vassals, 1 Reclaimer, and 2 Max Units of Idrians, each with a UA.

I think that list is going to be fun, but it’s not centered on Synergy and it has trouble with Windwall, Stealth, Incorporeal and I suspect, high Armor will be an issue.

My synergy list looks like this:

Amon +6

Heirophant 2

Dervish x 3 12

Vigilant 4

Devout 5

Repenter 4

Reclaimer 2

Vassal x 2 4

Wrack 1

Mechanik 1

Max Zealots + UA 8

Min Choir x 2 4

The Heirophant, Reclaimer and Wracks are there to help with focus, especially on Feat turn. I can use the Vigilant to tie up a heavy for a turn. The Devout is there to help with offensive spells and boosted range attacks. The Zealots are the main tarpit unit and fuel the Reclaimer post mini-feat. I’ve got a mechanik to keep jacks useful as long as possible.

If you’ve already done the math, you know there’s 9 points missing. My heavy is the Scourge of Heresy. His damage output is only slightly better than a Crusader but Purgation, Arcane Assassin and Chain Weapon greatly help with high armor/buffed models. Thresher can be handy if I have multiple high armor targets. If every other model in the battle group hits, Scourge is now rocking a Choir’d POW 27 whilst ignoring shields and spell effects. The icing on the cake: if you leave a focus on him, he can negate de-buff spells such as Crippling Grasp.


Stay tuned. The best Synergy compilation is yet to come.


Live and Let Die

Posted By on April 14, 2014

Last Saturday held witness to short but odd little tournament. We only had 6 players, not quite enough to be a Qualifier, so a Qualifier will be rescheduled for this summer.

We were fortunate to have been raided by 2 awesome guys from Wilmington: Matt and John. I made a booboo during second round pairings and they faced each other. They can do that any old day. Sorry guys.

I chose the No Caster Kill format to encourage people to take models/units that don’t normally see table time. I don’t think it worked.I chose timed turns because it’s funny to watch grown men panic over tiny metal figurines.

If you’d like to check out the player lists, they’re here.

Unfortunately we had to stop after round 2 due to multiple, family related drops. Fortunately, the gents unanimously decided to determine winners based off the standings at the time. Due to Dav2k5 and Twity both having two wins, the tiebreaker came down to Control Points.

1st Place: Twity 10 CP
2nd Place: Dav2k5 8 CP
3rd Place: Matt 5CP


Jacking In: Cygnar

Posted By on February 13, 2014

Unemployment plus being snowed-in equals a brand new segment about running warjack heavy.

Today, I want to talk about everybody’s favorite starter army. Now, you can find plenty of discussion and army lists about your Nemos, Caines, Strykers,  and Haileys on the Privateer Press forums and abroad. Occasionally, people will chat about Seige, Sloan and Kraye is always a favorite for jack running due to granting Cav rules, but you will almost never hear about Darius. I find this incredibly unusual as he is a fabulous jack runner. He meets all the criteria: battlegroup spells, jack specific abilites and upkeeps and a feat that’s specific to warjacks. The only reasons I can think of why people don’t play him often are that Cygnar players don’t play jack heavy or Darius’ abilities are too localized. Let’s take a look anyways.

To start out with, he’s easy to hit but hard to kill: 13/18 with 22 life boxes. He’s not a great fighter but if his weapons hit, they hurt. He has the same hammer as an Ironclad and his gun is RNG 12 AOE 4 POW 13. At focus 6 he’s nothing to write home about, so far, but when you flip over his card he has quite a few nice tricks. For starters, he gets to put out a bodging mine at the end of his Control phase, for a total of 3. As a star action he can immediately stand up anything within 2″ and then place one model 1″ away from its current position. Oh, and he has the Repair action. That’s right, he can repair his own jacks without spending any fury… er, focus.

His spell list is lovely. Full throttle lets all of his warjacks run/charge/slam or trample for free and all their melee attack rolls are boosted. It’s half his focus to use this spell so you wouldn’t do it if you only had one or two jacks. This is the kind of spell that gets better the more jacks you have in the army. That kind of scaling is why Darius wants a proverbial a wall of jacks, which leads me to his next spell: Fortify. It grants 2 arm to a warjack in his battlegroup and both that model and anything in base-to-base with it cannot be pushed, slammed or knocked down. This is how Darius can safely sit behind a bunch of heavies and the only way anyone can get to him is with Acrobatics, Flight, Phantom Seeker or a few other obscure abilites. Jackhammer lets a warjack make out of turn attacks (for a total of 6-7 depending on the warjack and full focus).

What does one take with a caster like this? Well, obviously you want as many melee attacks as possible to make the most of Full Throttle, but I want to say two Stormwalls. You see, with Darius and his scrapjacks, you can heal both colossals to full health on his feat turn. If all 3 scrapjacks are out, you can heal up two other jacks as well. If your opponent does not completely wipe out the colossals, any effort they put into damaging them is gone the moment Darius super repairs. Darius doesn’t even have to do it himself. The scrapjacks are solos, which means they can move as far up field as you need them to and at speed 6, you can heal at least X number of warjacks anywhere in his control area. Other great additions to his battlegroup include the Ironclad, Ole Rowdy, Gallant, Thunderhead, Stormclad and the Hammersmith.

We could debate about which attachment to take, the Squire or Sylys, but as most games don’t make it past turn 3, the only real difference is whether you want an extended control area or an extra 2″ range on spells. As I would be playing Darius fairly close to all the warjacks, the extra range would mitigate the need for an arc node.

To round out the list, one could take Stormsmiths to utilize the Stormwall’s lightning pods and I dare say this is an opportunity for the Trenchers to shine. Picture this: two Stormwalls with an assortment of heavies interspersed between them, marching down the field. Smoke clouds conceal their advance. And what’s this? ROF 3 jackmarshalled grenadiers popping 3″ AOEs over the Stormwalls to take out any pesky high DEF infantry?

Not convinced? I tried. Someday little Trenchies, some day.

Strange Synergies Episode 3: The Minioning

Posted By on February 12, 2014

Waaaaaaaay back in 2012 I promised a blog about nothing but Skorne and Minions. I wanted to let some time pass to see if PP would add any more models for me to yap about but their releases have been plagued by re-releases of existing things in plastic, so I’ll just go ahead and babble about what’s out. I’ve already covered Bog Trogs and Gatormen and Slaughterhauser are fine no matter what you do with them, so I’ll focus on a seemingly less powerful unit.

As previously mentioned, Skorne is the most minion friendly of the “core” factions. Skorne has also suffered from something known as Skornergy.


1. A spell, feat, action or ability that appears to have synergy with another of the same, but is, in fact, incompatible or, in some instances, conflicting with another of the same.

It was a lot worse in MK I but the term currently stems from the interactions between Mordikaar’s Hollow and Essence Blast spells, or Hollow and Soul Guardian/Gatekeeper, Zaal’s Last Stand and Soul Guardian/Gatekeeper or the fact that Immortals need Ancestral Guardians for the speed boost, but Ancestral Guardians want nothing to do with Immortals as they do not provide souls. One could also make a case for Impervious Flesh not really protecting Rasheth with a whopping DEF 10 ARM 14, Vorkesh’s Spell ward or the Siege Animantarax  but that’s outside the scope of what I’m getting at. You see, Skorne used to be a wierd combination of Protectorate and Cryx with the whole self-flagellation, soul manipulation and fist-to-face fighting style. The problem was that spells and abilities that require(d) self-harm or the death of one’s own models neverquite matched the benefit gained. There was no recycling abilities like with Alexia and Cryx corpse/soul collection or the forthcoming Alexia/Cephalyx/Drudge and Thrall factory I predict will take place.

This problem appears to be, somewhat, remedied by the inclusion of the Gatorman Bokur and Swamp Shamblers unit. For the uninitiated, they behave  like pAlexia’s Risen: when a living model dies in the command of the unit leader, that model receives a corpse token which creates more grunts for the unit. The important bit is that the corpse is created regardless of how the model is destroyed. Soul Guardian and Gatekeeper both rely on the opponent to destroy a model, but the Gatorman just doesn’t care. This means both Essence Blast and Last Stand trigger corpse creation.

Additionally, the Task Master can make the Shambler’s Tough, so when the Bokur disseminates damage, the Grunts get to make a Tough roll to resist destruction. They also make great targets for Last Stand or Fury as they already have a laughably low DEF. This means with Xerxis/Taskmaster they are POW 13 or Zaal/Taskmster they are Weapon Masters with boosted To-Hit rolls and CMA that just keep coming back.

Unfortunately, that still leaves Hollow conflicting with Raise Dead.

F$#&ing Mordikaar, man.